Moments of Lucid Madness

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“Moments of Lucid Madness” is a novel that tells the story of a lonely man who meets by chance a friend he met long ago, who is separated and fascinatingly beautiful. What begins as a chance meeting soon turns into a paradoxical and passionate love affair. Although the man has no serious intentions he becomes fascinated by the woman’s beauty and her amatory skills. Wishing to leave her, however, he discovers that he cannot and begins a long correspondence, interspersed with more or less brief encounters, in which passionate and sexual love reigns supreme. The reader will find himself wondering what will be the fate of this strange couple. Will the man who initially has no intention of putting down roots and getting married accept cohabitation with the woman? Or will he leave her for good? Will he continue to look elsewhere for fleeting and less demanding loves as he has always done? The conclusion of this story remains a mystery to be unraveled, leaving it to the reader to discover what choice the man will make on his path to love and independence.

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Ottobre 2023

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It was 11:00 p.m. on any given day of an equally unspecified month, anyway all days, nights and months are always the same… you just have to change clothes but what you are never changes and all in all I have never sought or even desired my true essence.
I was staring at the computer screen looking for inspiration for a murder mystery, a novel until I decided to talk about me… or perhaps the “alter ego” that dwells in me! To put in the public square a “mix” between what one is, what one is not, what one would like to be and what one will never be; in short to generate some “healthy” confusion that is only good for me. And I will do so by recalling a lived experience that deeply affected me.
One evening I was walking around town, just to pass the time, suddenly I heard a call, turned around, and a girl the same age as me, very beautiful, greeted me and approached me gingerly.
“How have you been? Long time no see! Where have you been? We don’t see you around anymore!”
Too many, really too many questions to which I was spoiled for choice in deciding the most appropriate answer. I paused to observe her and asked myself, “Who is she?”
Almost as if he had read my mind he stated, “I am Irénée, do you remember me?”
‘Sure,” I replied falsely, as usual.
“Maybe we have changed a bit,” she retorted, and I promptly so as not to miss the opportunity added, “Time passes inexorably but you have remained as you always have: beautiful and charming. What is your secret recipe?”
I had no idea who she was, when and on what occasion I had met her, but I continued to talk to her as if we had broken up a few minutes earlier.
“You really haven’t changed, I repeated; you are still beautiful and arouse unspeakable desires as usual.”
He blushed suddenly and added, “You haven’t changed either. You are still as handsome as you were in your high school days.”
First glimmers of a reality lost in the mists of time–high school! Mah! What year and what class you were in I would have liked to ask her but avoided it.
“Some nights why don’t we go out for pizza and a beer?” I asked more out of courtesy and gallantry than desire.
“One of these evenings we’re going to get together with the other friends and have a reunion.”
God forbid, I just missed the reunion. I was so grateful not to see those strange ‘contraptions’ again that unfortunately dotted my school life after middle school that the mere thought of it made my wrists twitch.