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Luigi Pistone

My experience in journalism includes significant roles such as section editor and editor-in-chief in various publications, along with an extensive tenure as the head of a radio station and numerous print publications. I have hosted multiple television programs, consistently dedicating myself to delivering high-quality informative content.

Currently, I serve as the editor-in-chief of two print publications and a Web-Radio-TV, where I continue to advocate for responsible and accessible journalism.

My passion for philosophy and politics intertwines with a desire to explore themes influencing society and the contemporary world, addressing them through a critical and in-depth perspective. My ongoing commitment is to share knowledge, stimulate reflections, and promote an inclusive and aware culture, both through written word and various media channels. I persistently uphold the promotion of quality information and the appreciation of knowledge.

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Why I write

The inspiration for writing each book is like a journey through a labyrinth, where creativity meets knowledge, passion, and experience. The idea of writing my books arises from fertile ground, shaped by my multifaceted essence. The seed of the idea for my books often sprouts from the intersection of the fascinating world of sociology, journalism, and a passion for education. Sociology, with its critical and profound gaze on society and its changes, offers me a unique perspective. It’s like observing the very fabric of reality, glimpsing hidden nuances, subtle patterns, and social dynamics that shape the world around us. Being a journalist means being an observer of reality, a story hunter. The stories I’ve experienced throughout my journalistic career often serve as a starting point: anecdotes, characters, events; all these elements intertwine to shape the core of my narratives. Teaching, on the other hand, is a responsibility. Engaging with students, transmitting knowledge, and constantly seeking new ways to communicate complex concepts have enriched my approach to writing. Every lesson is a source of inspiration, a light that illuminates new ideas. The mix of these experiences translates into the birth of each book. It’s like a puzzle where each piece represents a fragment of my professional and personal baggage. Every word is a bridge between sociological theory and human breath, between journalistic chronicles and narrative essence, between teaching and the search for meaning. Writing my books is my way of giving back to the world a reflection of its multiple facets. It’s an act of synthesis between the diverse voices that inhabit my mind and my heart, a fusion of thoughts, emotions, and knowledge that take shape on the pages of each book. It’s a way of exploring the boundaries of knowledge, sharing visions, and fueling human curiosity. Since I was a boy with worn-out shoes and a restless mind, the passion for writing and storytelling took vivid shape within me. My room, a sanctuary of imaginary adventures, was the forge where fantasy came to life among scattered sheets, a pen, and a fervent imagination. The first stories I wrote were moments of creativity inserted between the lines of worn-out notebooks. Over the years, my passion for writing has grown parallel to my thirst for knowledge. During my university studies, as I delved into sociology, journalism, and pedagogy, writing became a means to explore the complexities of the world around me. But it was through books that I found nourishment for my passion. Every yellowed or digital page I flipped through was a lesson. The epic adventures of ancient heroes, the intricate plots of detective novels, the profound reflections of essays: every book was a teacher that shaped my writing. And so, my passion for writing stories blossomed since I was a boy, found nourishment in my studies, and perfected itself with the diligent reading of books. It’s a journey that began between the lines of a school notebook and continues today, permeating every word that takes shape in my tales.